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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the best methods for imaging the human body without using harmful X-radiation. This technique allows any cross-section of the human body to be assessed with a high level of accuracy and with an excellent differentiation of pathogenic and normal tissues. The examination does not require any special preparation, although fasting for approximately 2 hours is advisable as the contrast medium may be administered intravenously (this facilitates the differentiation of e.g. inflammatory and tumour lesions) in certain indications. Prior to an abdominal MRI scan, patients are asked to drink 1 litre of blackcurrant juice for better differentiation of the intestines.

The advanced software of our MR Optima 360 apparatus allows performing such procedures as:

  • cerebral imaging:
    • morphology, diffusion, perfusion,
    • spectroscopy,
  • spinal imaging including:
    • MERGE – 2D sequence for advanced spinal imaging (mainly for visualization of spinal grey and white matter);
      PROPELLER – a unique technique that enables cerebral scans to be performed on patients who are unable to lie in a fixed position (patients may move their heads in any direction), and cerebral diffusion imaging with the elimination of susceptibility artefacts.
  • articular imaging: (knees, shoulders, wrists, and ankles),
  • mammographic imaging: VIBRANT (to replace X-ray and ultrasound mammography)
  • abdominal imaging: 
    • LAVA - a package used for dynamic liver scanning,
    • MRCP – a sequence used for cholangiographic imaging,
  • vascular imaging without contrast medium
  • vascular imaging with contrast medium, including TRICKS
  • myocardial imaging including:
    • morphology, and functional imaging

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